Curb appeal will ensure that your home gets seen by the most prospective purchasers in a competitive housing market. Within seconds of seeing your home, buyers will have formed their opinion. They either like what they see and want to see more, or they won’t give your listing a second thought. This is why the exterior of your home shouldn't be an afterthought. If a buyer likes the photos from your online listing, they will do a drive-by or schedule a showing to see the home for themselves. 

Here are five easy and inexpensive updates to boost your home’s curb appeal:

A Fresh Coat

Paint your front door, shutters and trim to freshen up the exterior. Consider a vibrant color that complements your home style.


Replace your old house numbers, doorknob and mailbox. Everyone will come up close and personal with these fixtures- and they will judge your home based on these not-so-minor details. 


A popular Open House tip is to turn on all the lights to give your home a sense of warmth; as well as the exterior lights to welcome buyers in. 


For an inexpensive and low-effort way to add color to your home's exterior, keep a well-tended garden to allude to a well-maintained home.

Raise The Roof!

Fixing your roof isn't exactly a "cheap" fix, but it's worth the price as a home with missing or curled shingles isn't appealing to potential homebuyers. 

It can help to ask your real estate agent to offer some constructive criticism to help bring your home up to par. Their mission is the same as yours–to sell your home for the right price and in quick time frame.

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Prepare your home for fall

Fall is already here and if you're anything like me, you're a little behind on the home upkeep. Yikes! But don't worry. There's still plenty of time to make sure your home is fall-proof to withstand the weather. Here are some smart maintenance tips to make your home ready for fall.


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This stunning two level family home in Maple Ridge is listed on our website and has a lovely fireplace that will keep the home cozy and warm all through fall and winter.

Check for drafts

go around to every door and window in the house and make sure no draft is coming through them. If you feel a draft, be sure to seal around the frame properly. One way to check for drafts is to light a candle and hold it near a window or door. If the flame flickers or goes out, then there is probably a draft. To seal your frame properly, make sure you dry the area with a clean cloth before applying some caulk around the outside of the window. For further protection, you could also add a heavier curtain around the drafty window to help block air intrusion.

Inspect your furnace

Sure, you're furnace probably doesn't need a yearly inspection, but trust me, it's better safe than sorry. A newer furnace probably only needs to be checked every other year, but a furnace that's older than 10 years could have complications and should be inspected annually. Hire an HVAC professional to test for leaks or heating inefficiencies. Trust me on this, you don't want it to reach the middle of winter to find out that there's something wrong with the furnace, that could lead to a cold few days.

Check your fireplace

Not every home has a fireplace, but if you do, make sure that it is in proper working order. Before using your fireplace, you probably want to make sure no creature has made a home in the fireplace or chimney while it was not in use. You should take a quick look at both the interior and exterior for any damages. Definitely make sure that your gas fireplace is in good condition before use and that there are no leaks. If you suspect a problem, call a professional to take a look. Don't forget to stock up on wood for wood burning fireplaces.

Test home safety devices

With all the heating devices, holiday decorations and lit fireplaces or candles, winter and fall are the seasons to be extra cautious. Accidents happen so it's important to be prepared in case of electrical failures, fires or gas leaks. Go around your home and check the batteries for all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide devices and any other safety features your home has to make sure they are all in proper working order so you can feel safe this fall.


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Beautiful home on Myrtle Way listed for the first time has a gorgeous yard that's been well maintained.

Check your roof

You can do a quick check of your roof from the ground. Use binoculars to see if you can spot any missing or damaged shingles. If you are uncertain, you could try climbing a ladder for a more thorough inspection. However, before you climb up to the roof, ask a friend, neighbor or family member to be a spotter to ensure your safety. Another good way to see if there's damage to your roof is to check the attic for any leaks or water damage.


Clean gutters

Cleaning the gutters is something you can do yourself or hire a service. What you want to do is remove leaves, nests or any other type of debris that has collected in your gutters. You should also inspect for leaks. A clocked gutter can cause leaky roofs or water damage to the interior and exterior of your home so it's important to regularly clean your gutters.

Check siding for cracks or holes

Maybe a bird or animal has picked a hole in the wall of your attic and made a home, or maybe the wear and tear of weather has left its mark on your home with peeling paint and rotted wood. You won't know if there's any damages unless you check. You never really know what could happen to your home so it's better to find out before it gets too cold to be able to make repairs. Damages to the home can be harder to repair during colder months, so get on top of the maintenance before it gets too cold.

Turn off faucets and store hoses

Something that can easily be forgotten in preparing your home for the fall is properly storing your hoses. Chances are, you won't be using them until the spring, and even if you do plan on using them during the fall, it's important to pack them away properly while not in use. The cold weather can damage hoses irreparably. The water inside can freeze which can lead to ruptures in the hose lining, an interior pipe burst, and even mildew growth. Trust me, it's better to avoid this. So turn off all spigots and nozzles, disconnect and drain your hose, remove attachments, coil the hose then find a warm, dry location on a hanger or shelf to store your hose. You won't regret going through this fall home maintenance checklist. Don't forget to fall-proof your home!


Why have a security camera?

When things go bump in the night, I'm sure you'd want to know whether it's the dog or a ghost. If you are brave enough to check what it is, but maybe not enough to open the door to take a peak yourself, you could always try to set up a security camera so you could check right on your phone. Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular in homes to keep families safe. Having one could offer enough assurance to help you sleep at night. You could be aware of who approaches your home and know whether that banging is a burglar or just a bird.

Where to set up your security camera?

Knowing the best location to place a security camera to keep track of your home can be a struggle. Any ground level entry points, such as the front door, back door, windows and garage, are sort of basic areas to install the cameras. But you may also want to consider installing cameras in the basement or on the second level of your home as well, such as on pathways that lead to bedrooms. It's unlikely that you will get a camera that will point at every entry point of the home, but if your goal is to catch the face of the intruder, then install it on a pathway within your home an intruder is most likely to pass. This allows you to keep track of everything that is going on within your home.

What kind of camera to get? Indoor vs. Outdoor?

Deciding whether to get an indoor or outdoor camera is more based on preference. The biggest distinction between the two is that the outdoor camera can also be used indoors, whereas the indoor camera should NOT be installed outside.


Indoor cameras can be great for keeping track of all the activity within the walls of your home. You could check up on kids to see if they're doing their homework, make sure the dog doesn't jump on the furniture, or see if the nanny remembered to pick up the kids on time. These cameras are also great for seeing if there are any intruders who stop by without an invitation and make themselves at home.


Some people prefer not to go for an indoor camera because they can feel exposed within their own homes. In that case, an outdoor camera may be more to their preference. Outdoor cameras are great for monitoring any activity on your property. These cameras are designed with a strong body to withstand different elements and weather conditions

What can a security camera do?

Security cameras have a lot of other uses besides monitoring the perimeter of your house. You could set up a camera to watch plants grow or the pattern of animals on your property. You could set up a camera near a bird's nest and watch little birds hatch from their eggs and take their first flight. The best part about setting up a security camera is that you can monitor everything directly from your phone.

Do you NEED a security camera?

No, not necessarily. If you live in a good neighborhood and don't think you need a security camera, then don't get one. It's not for everyone. It can certainly help to have one, but it's not a necessity.

Where to buy a security camera?

Security cameras are more readily available and can be purchased at stores such as London DrugsBest BuyWalmart.


When selling a home, first impressions matter. That’s why staging is key for creating an emotional connection with buyers. Signs of a happy life (like the scent of freshly baked cookies or a book beside the sofa) can instantly boost a prospective buyer’s mood and maximize your home’s selling potential. Here are a few important tips about the process.

Do: Declutter your space. This is by far the most important step for staging and resale. Organize every nook and cranny, including closets and cupboards. It doesn’t seem like much, but going the extra mile will help leave a lasting impression. Do: Paint your walls white. Crisp white walls will make your home feel extra fresh and clean. Opt for a simple off-white shade like Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball. Do: Focus on curb appeal. People always notice the front entry first, so make sure it’s inviting. A few must-dos: Repaint the front door, mow the lawn and double-check that the outside lights work. Do: Keep every space organized, including bookshelves. It’s small efforts like this that hold the most weight when preparing your home for sale. 

Don't: Hide all personal mementoes. A few trinkets suggest a home is filled with good memories, but limit the number of family photographs. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living there, too! Don't: Renovate the entire house. This is a definite don’t. Some homebuyers would rather do the reno themselves, and others aren’t particular about everything being brand new. Don't: Stage every room. As mentioned above, you don’t need to remodel your entire house before you sell. Save yourself the time and money, and focus on smaller adjustments like furniture placement and overall tidiness.

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There are some amazing new home decor trends that you might want to take a look at. This season, add a splash of nature into your home to make it become more lively. Check out this seasons 5 popular decorating trends to help give you inspiration to style your home.

1. Emerald Green


Nature-inspired hues are very popular in home decor this season. Make your room rich with a beautiful emerald green. For a dramatic look, layer the shades of green. This is a great color to match with different prints and patterns. Emerald green is a mix of warm, moody and energetic. It's perfect to evoke a feeling of luxury. It's eye-catching and will be the focus in any room.

2. Brass accessories and accents


A cute trend this winter is to add brass geometric shapes around your home. Brass and gold add warmth to any room. Some people have added a modern minimalist twist to their Christmas decorating and hung some brass vintage bells and gold geometric ornamental shapes to their Christmas tree.

3. Lavender


Opt for lavender or lilac instead of millennial pink. These soft colors are being used to make accent that are deeper more of a statement. Purple is a rare occurring color in nature. It's a signature color that speaks of royalty and the color of youth and femininity.

4. Shades of grey


Nothing surpasses the exotic winter morning grey palette proven to be this year's "neutral" color of choice. You can easily add different shades of grey to any room of your house. For Christmas decorating ideas, you can pull out some silvered branches, or add a frosty feel to your window pane. Get some smoldering grey bed linen and towels, and include other touches of grey to your interiors.

5. Knits


Knitted accessories are making a bold statement in the design industry. Huge chunky cable-knits are replacing demure weaves. Decorate your home with a thick knit rug, knit pillow, or a knitted basket and stool. The cool thing about it is that if you can knit, this would make a fun DIY project. Layering the knits is also a neat thing to try as well. Put a knit pouf or ottoman on your knit rug. Or hang a knit blanket over the back of a couch. The knit design is making it's way into the modern design. It's one way to keep your home cozy and warm all winter long.

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